Top 7 Books on Paleo-Orthodoxy


Vincent of Lerins, Paleo-Orthodoxy

For those who have yet to hear of “Paleo-Orthodoxy”, it is a movement amongst Protestants that has b

een growing over the last century. In some respects, it is loosely connected to Neo-Orthodoxy, but they are certainly not one in the same. Paleo-Orthodoxy simply means “Ancient Correct Beliefs”. Paleo-Orthodox theologians aim to “resource” Protestants with the teaching and practice of the Classical Church. The creeds and ecumenical counsels play an important role, as well as the teaching of the Church fathers, in Paleo-Orthodox theology. 

It is in many respects a reaction against Protestantism’s “400-year memory”. Proponents of Paleo-Orthodoxy aim to widen the Protestant collective memory to include all 20 centuries of Church history. Many 21st century theologians, such as Robert Webber, have recognized the similarities between the cultural climate of Classical Christianity and the postmodern West and, rightly in my opinion, have suggested that we employ the Church fathers as our spiritual guides in the 

mission of God in the world. 

As is evident by the title of this blog, I roughly identify with the Paleo-Orthodox movement. As such, I hope to encourage others to look into it. As a result, I’ve put together a list of the top 7 books (in no particular order) that I know of for those interested in Paleo-Orthodoxy. Enjoy, and please do let me know if you have any additions or subtractions to make.


1. Ancient-Future Faith by Robert Webber

2. Scripture: A Very Theological Proposal by Angus Paddison

3. Scripture and Tradition by Edith Humphrey

4. Doxology: The Praise of God in Worship, Doctrine and Life by Geoffrey Wainwright

5. Ancient and Postmodern Christianity by Kenneth Tanner and Christopher Hall

6. The Rebirth of Orthodoxy or After Modernity…What? by Thomas Oden

7. Tradition, Scripture, and Interpretation by D. H. Williams


This list is by no mean exhaustive. Works by Amos Yong and Alister Mcgrath could be thrown on there. Robert Webber’s whole Ancient-Future series is a great example of a comprehensive Paleo-Orthodox proposal. D. H. Williams and Thomas Oden both has other works that are certainly worth checking out. I highly encourage The Rebirth of Orthodoxy as an

introduction to Paleo-Orthodoxy. Oden is one of its most sophisticated proponents. 

Any folks who have Paleo-Orthodox sentiments, or are interested, please do comment below. I’d love to get connected!

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